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Aw man, I was just a little too late to catch the actual Dannyversary but I was thinking about it all day today. HAPPY (belated) DANNYVERSARY MY FELLOW CM FANS! :D

It's a little sad to realize that the last time this journal was updated was on the LAST Dannyversary ^^; (is slightly horrified at this idea), but I also have felt a little under-qualified to do anything in this group when I have only read the first three chapters of Endgame! |D; But, y'know, we're all at different points in Pearl's AWESOME series! So, whatever!

And, in that frame of thought,I would like to present to each of you a care package to help you through the awesome/intense/amazing/crazy reading that is Pearl's stories. Make sure you take this with you, 'cause you're gonna need it! ;P I give you:

-Tissues (for when you cry)
-A pillow (for when you need to scream)
-A thermos with the Box Ghost in it (for any misplaced aggression caused by the stories)
-A Danny doll and Vladdy doll (for when you just need to hug them)
-A paper bag (for those panic/hyperventilating moments)
-More tissues (let's be honest, you'll need them. LOTS OF THEM)
-Defibrillators (for when your heart stops in shock or fear)
-This fangroup (for when you're caught up and you NEED MORE)

;) (any more ideas of what we should include?)

Speaking of this fangroup, it hasn't had a lot of activity of late but I'm glad I'm still seeing submissions. Please, if you have or see any fanart or fanfiction for Checkmate, My Last Lesson from You, or Endgame, please submit it to our gallery! We want to have everything! But note, that if it is not related to these we will not accept it. For Pearl's other stories there is the lovely Hidden Pearl group. For other DP fanart, there are plenty of groups out there who will happily accept your stuff :)

Happy Dannyversary and happy reading, my lovely CM fan-mates! :D (hands out packages to everyone)

-Dizgirl (and the Admin of DP-Checkmate)
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This is a group for fans of Pearl84's Danny Phantom fanfics "Checkmate," "My Last Lesson From You," and "Endgame." Come join us as we discuss the fics, share fanart for them, and have contests and activities about these awesome stories!

Here are links to the fics:
My Last Lesson From You:…

Gallery Folders

EG: Dad by DreamaDove93
EG: danielle by DreamaDove93
EG: Together by DreamaDove93
CM/EG: As It Should Be by DreamaDove93
DP: Checkmate Cover by shadowhatesomochao
Checkmate: Out Of Control by Allebasii
Dazzler by dannyFANtomKA
Niane by dannyFANtomKA
My Last Lesson From You
Phantom Planet: Reaching For Him, Colored Epicness by Allebasii
Broken Hero by TwitchyWitchyGirl
DP: Angst by UmbriHearts
My last lesson for you (pen art) by PhantomTrainer
Cover: Endgame by djanubis
EG: More Valuable Things by DreamaDove93
Masters Fam Timeline WIP by DreamaDove93
Cursed  Mystical Chaos by DogmaticLoki
CM+DoaS: Evil Minds at work by DreamaDove93
Sueanoi reads Checkmate by SueaNoi
Pearl An Vlad Muse : How It Happens by dannyFANtomKA
Partners in Crime by Hyperjetix28


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hi  you must be one of the danny phantom fans which one is he a human or a ghost ?   or in that accident was half of him died ?   i dont know the only thing i know that   he is a hero  he is our hero   i dont care about  what nickelodeon side about the show    i care about that i want him back  before 2014 end, i want to see how many fans are out there that want him back   we wait for may years  i cant wait any more  and i know you cant too   so lets all of us write a litter to nickelodeon   in one day (14 /10/2014 october )   then we will show to nickelodeon   that danny phantom show is  one of the best cartoons in the world . if you with me write a comment  and tell all you know to write a litter to nickelodeon (in 14/10/2014) too   if we work together   we could do anything    now whos whit me?  
Gryphonia Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Woops, wrong link somehow...

Here is the right one! [link]
Pearl200084 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Cool! I like the animated one! Thank you!! :D
Gryphonia Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Welcome :icongrin--plz:
Dizappearingirl Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh, it glows! :o

Wow, I like both though I think it'd be fun to change it up and do an animated one!
Gryphonia Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Yep, :D it's ghostly, so of course it does! LOL It looks absolutely sweet on your wall now. Now THAT is what a proper avatar looks like! :nod:
Dizappearingirl Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is true!

Yes! It looks awesome! :D Thank you very much!
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Here is the animated version. [link] I apologize in advance that it might not be as smoothly qualitative as the stamp version. I blame the stupid dA group size limit of 30 KB. :shakefish: It took me 9 attempts and a changed software program to arrive at it from the original 170 KB. :faint: Anyway, pardon the choice of words, but the choice is yours. :) Use whichever you like best. The animated one is pretty decent too.
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Heya, guys!

I wanted to ask you: when the original Founder asked me to use my stamp as avatar, and I let her gladly, she somehow ended up with a blurry version and declined my offer to use a better or even an animated version of it. I did not press further.

So, I am asking: do you still want a better avatar and if yes, animated or static? :) I already have a better static version here [link]

Let me know.
Gryphonia Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
I suppose I could vote which one I like best, too, but i will leave it to you to decide. I will vote only if you have a tie lol
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